For some, this time of year means bundling up against snow and freezing temps still (yikes) and for others, sunshine and balmy days have started sneaking themselves in (Seattle lies somewhere in the middle). Either way, for many of us, myself included, the tail end of the winter seems to drag on, with spring always just out of reach.

One think I’ve started to notice though, is that one can get a lot done while trying to whittle away all that time (likely indoors if, like me, you avoid the cold). February has been a very productive month for me. I’ve accomplished a lot of the little tasks on my never-ending todo list, and had the time to really sit and do some constructive brainstorming on how I want to move this little project right here forward.

So I encourage everyone to try and embrace the solemn days of dreary February and early March to be present with yourself, and feed your mind and soul some good food for thought. Before you know it, the sun will be out, the trees will start blooming, and hey, maybe you’ll have finally cleaned out your closet and worked through a good chunk of your reading list (and…maybe checked out an online sale or two…).

What to read now…

  • This article, explaining how wine prices are dropping. (And make sure you make a trip to the store if you haven’t already)
  • All you need to know to get ready for your state’s primary. Hey, it’s important for all of us. Spread the word.
  • We can’t really avoid talking about coronavirus anymore… it has made it’s way to the U.S. and several other parts of the world. Reuters has the latest on the virus, and how it make affect your next trip to the grocery store.
  • An interesting new idea when it comes to sustainability. Check out Food & Wine’s article about a new study that shows how opening more grocery stores could actually lead to less food waste.
  • Vogue Business did an in-depth piece on ‘What the Food Industry Can Teach Fashion About Sustainability.’ It’s a really interesting, relatively short read.
    • The author says this: “Fashion, like food, is a global industry that touches virtually every person on the planet; it sources many raw materials from farms and forests; both industries create tremendous amounts of waste; and the casual purchases that consumers make on a routine basis affect whether and how brands prioritise sustainable values — or not.
  • Something from me: A bittersweet farewell letter to New York City.

On my nightstand right now:

The Power
Naomi Alderman

I’m a little over halfway through this page turner right now. The book takes place in a world where women have developed a mysterious new power they can learn to weaponize. The story is told through several different alternating perspectives. The characters are complex and distinct, the plot is intense, and really the whole idea of it is quite fascinating in my opinion. Highly recommend!

What Alice Forgot
Liane Moriarty

I just finished this one recently, and it was another that I simply couldn’t put down. Imagine getting into an accident, waking up and losing ten years of your life. How different things would be, how differently you’d see the world. Liane Moriarty is a brilliant writer and this book was not only super interesting, but it also made me think about my own life.

Some more food for thought…

Thank you, Saveur!
Check out this handy guide for
everything you need to know
about winter produce,
plus links to a ton of awesome recipes.

Anthropolgie sale anyone?!
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This year’s theme: is all about equality, and the idea that “an equal world is an enabled world.” There are hundreds of events set to take place all around the world to shed light on women’s achievements, show their strength, and continue to demand equal rights and opportunities.

Seeing anything else cool out there? Got any questions, comments, life advice, cool jokes? I’d love to hear from you! Enjoy your week!


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