It is March, and that means it’s Women’s History Month. I encourage anyone reading this to take a moment of mindfulness, appreciate the amazing women in your life & the others you admire or have been influenced by in our cultural history.

There have been and still are so many incredible ladies taking on the world and getting shit done. I can’t name them all, no one can. But TIME Magazine did give dozens of them a well-deserved shout out in it’s March issue.


I also saw another interesting article in Well + Good asking “How Should We Celebrate Women’s History Month in 2020?” This year Women’s History Month takes on even more significance as it comes just ahead of August 18th, 2020… which marks the 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. In short, this article reminds us to remember all the women who were part of this historic movement, many of whom have often been forgotten in the popular narrative (namely women of color). One quote really stuck out to me:

“The whole point of women’s history is… to understand that inspiration comes to our life by knowing what women have done, knowing the extraordinary obstacles they’ve overcome, and celebrating them, recognizing them…to make women visible because invisibility is the number one form of bias.”

-Molly Murphy MacGregor, co-founder of the National Women’s History Alliance,
speaking to Well + Good.

Oh yeah, that other thing we’re all thinking about….coronavirus.

Seems like shit is getting real guys. Whether or not this is being hyped up in the media or not, the fact is that the number of cases is still increasing, and our day to day lives are very likely to keep changing, at least for the next few weeks. The best thing to do is stay cautious, healthy and informed.

Our family has already canceled our plans multiple times (see LIVING NOW), so I definitely am feeling the others who are being affected by the madness… soon enough everyone will feel it in some way. Might as well get prepared. Wash your hands everyone. A lot.

Moving on… here’s some more food for thought.

The demand for meat isn’t going away… but the environmental impacts of meeting that demand are only increasing. So what’s the solution? Some think it’s growing lab meat from animal stem cells. This isn’t the type of thing you can get at the store yet… but food scientist say engineers are getting closer to creating products that could get approval by the FDA.

READ HERE from Well + Good
for more on what cultured meat is,
and how it could be a sustainable option
for our burger-loving future.

Before you go… some reading recs from my bookshelf right now:

The Woman in the Window
A.J. Finn
I haven’t started this book yet, but I am SO excited to dive into it… just in time for the movie version (starring Julianne Moore and Amy Adams) comes out in a few months! It’s a thrilling page turner about a reclusive woman who sees something she shouldn’t while spying on her neighbors.

Ruth Reichl
Another one I plan to get my hands on in the next few weeks. This books was written several years ago, but it’s still a sweet, relatable story about a foodie like myself chasing her dreams. A fun one to breeze through during a beach day or on your next flight.

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