If you can believe it, we’re already a QUARTER of the way through 2020. Funny though, many of us at this point are like “what? We’re ONLY a quarter of the way through 2020?!” Whether time is flying for you, or the days feel like weeks (seriously, help), we’ve got no choice but to keep trucking forward.

Even though we’re all continuing to deal with COVID-19 restrictions, there is still a lot to take note of and embrace in the month of April. Most importantly, our health and the health of the planet…and what better time to be aware of your habits and how they affect you and your environment.

APRIL 7 is World Health Day

This year, the awareness day will take on a whole new meaning. Not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has everyone worried about their health to some degree. But also because this year’s theme is about celebrating and supporting nurses and midwives worldwide — which happen to be the medical warriors on the frontlines of the war against this virus we are fighting right now. You can learn more by clicking here.

April 12 is Easter Sunday

Whether you are religious or not, the Easter holiday can be an excuse to bring some light and fun into your house, and celebrate Spring, whether it’s in the kitchen, or by simply displaying a bright tulip bouquet.

Food & Wine has a fun list of 25 Perfect Easter recipes you could take a crack at.

If you’re looking to fight some boredom at home, get inspired with these 35 fun DIY ideas from House Beautiful…why not make a homemade Easter egg wreath? You’ve got the time.

Make it sustainable. Check out this article from PureWow on making your own Easter egg dye from fruits and vegetables.

April 22 is Earth Day

Climate Action is the theme for this year’s Earth Day, celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. As we face numerous challenges and threats to our environment, the Earth Day Network is making a renewed call for action, calling climate change ”the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.” Maybe we can take this time at home to think about small steps we can take to be more friendly to our planet. Perhaps you can join me in composting at home.

Although many events will be affected by COVID-19, there are still ways you can learn more and get involved.

April 24 is Arbor Day

Let’s hear it for the trees people! Read here about another way you can show some love to Earth!

But that’s not all that’s going on this month….

April is Move More Month

I think it’s perfect timing for this reminder. It’s so easy to spend most of the day in a chair or on the couch, especially right now. But I can promise you that finding creative ways to move more will not only benefit your body but make you feel better both physically and mentally.

I’ve shared a list of some of my favorite at home workouts if you need some inspo.

The American Heart Association also happens to have a list of really creative hacks to get you moving more at home right now.

April is National Garden Month

I’m really not an expert, but I really love flowers (send me some anytime :D) and learning to grow things is a very sustainable and rewarding hobby (and lifestyle).
Stay tuned this month for my post on planting 101 — I’ll share with you the basics I’m learning!

April is National Pet Month

Pearl says hi!

One bright side right now is that all our pets are probably so happy to have us at home so much! (Sorry if you have an introverted cat). Give your pups some extra love this month, because to be honest we’re all going to miss each other terribly when we have to go back to normal life.


Don’t forget to clean these important items as well as well as YOUR SMARTPHONE people! They’re wayyy dirtier than you think (plus you use them everyday)

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