Right now, the gyms are closed pretty much everywhere, so if you want to get in a workout, you’re choices come down to your living room or the sidewalk. I think everyone should get outside and jog if they are able to, especially when the weather is nice… but if you want to get in shape or stay in shape, there are plenty of other ways you can easily get a workout in with little to no effort to get started.

There are at home workouts being promoted left and right on social media right now, looking to capitalize on everyone being stuck at home, and it can get overwhelming to sift through YouTube, instagram and countless other platforms.

In this post, I’ve tried to compile a concise but thorough list of great, at home online workouts…all of which are FREE. So really, no excuses. They range in level of difficulty, and I tried to include a fun mix of different types of movements, from yoga to dancing, to HIIT.

Coronavirus aside, this list is versatile and is a great resource if you have a weird schedule (like I used to) or would rather work out effectively at home, if you’re traveling, etc. Most of them are short, intense workouts that you can do anywhere, and most of them don’t require any equipment.

If you want to get in a full length workout, you can choose a handful of videos and queue them up to play in a row. BAM, mix-and-match workout.


  • Yoga Stretches for Flexibilty from Well + Good (18min) is a nice calm workout, or a great warm up before you really get going.

  • Then you could kick things off with Beginner Dance Cardio from Well + Good (9min)

  • Staying with the theme, you could pair it with this Dancer Legs Workout by Well + Good (7min)

  • If dancing is really your thing, 305 Fitness is your channel! It’s full of 55 minute dance cardio full body workouts. They are super fun!

  • For a quick total body duo, try this Full Body HIIT Workout with Dumbells from Well + Good (7min)… as well as this other full body workout (10min) together.

  • Or you can go straight for the core. PureWow put together this list of 15 Core Exercises You Can Do At Home with No Equipment. Each exercise comes with a recommended set for reps — they recommend picking 5 and doing 2 rounds of each. If you want to kick it up a notch, try doing 2 rounds of 8, or 3 rounds of 5 instead. Either way, you can create several at-home ab workouts from this list.

  • If you want to stick to a schedule, PureBarre is hosting free classes on Facebook live. You can check their page for the schedule.

  • For the yogi’s out there — Yoga With Adriene is a GREAT at home resource. Her channel has tons of practices, ranging from a few minutes, to a full 45 minute workout.

  • SolidCore has all kinds of workouts on their IGTV account. They also stream classes live if you want a more communal experience from home.

  • Another great resource where you can create a full at home workout is Tone It Up. Their channel has tons of video playlist targeting different body types, as well as total body workouts of all different styles. They also range in length, so you can do one long workout, or a bunch of short ones. You can’t go wrong.

  • But wait there’s more. Another site I love, MadFit. Hundreds of videos, targeting every body type, both with and without equipment. Most of the videos range from 10 to 20 minutes, so it’s easy to create a quick 30 or 60 minute workout.

  • Finally, I CANNOT get enough of The Fitness Marshall. These are full body dance workouts set to popular songs. The best part is that this guy and his friends dance with reckless abandon, literally anywhere. One of my favorites is THIS video of them dancing on a park path. A stranger walks into the background and has no idea what’s going on…and just stays there! It’s hilarious (okay so maybe don’t start with that one if you want to stay focused…) Anyways, they are super fun workouts that don’t feel like workouts. You’re at home anyways. Let your inner freak flag fly!


I hope this list is as helpful as possible, but it’s not going to get you off the couch. Only you can do that. Something I can promise is that taking the time to work out, even if it’s at home in a totally foreign environment than you are used to, it will still help clear your mind, make you feel good and probably help pass the time as the days start to seem a lot longer. So let’s take this time to do something good for ourselves! No more excuses!


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