Yes, it’s true that most of us are still socially distancing and staying home all the time (good! Keep it up!) But outside, the world is still turning and the seasons are still changing. Spring is finally upon us! And that means longer sunny days, flowers blossoming on the trees, and peak time for all those fresh spring greens and veggies! Whether you’re making stock-up trips to the grocery store or ordering everything online these days….make sure to stock up on plenty of spring produce to help you stay in balance with the planet, and bring a little freshness to your quarantine.


Bok Choy
Fava Beans
Lettuce and Feild Greens
Green Beans

Napa Cabbage
New Potatoes
Swiss Chard

Any other coffee-lovers (read: addicts) out there struggling with this quarantine?

I’m a self-professed coffee snob. I admit it and I have no shame. I’m not very high maintainable (you can ask my fiancé) but there is no negotiating my morning ritual, which involves a large cup of hot, bold, STRONG coffee, preferably with nutty undertones. I can and do make coffee at home. It’s cheaper and more sustainable… but I am particular about the coffee I buy and where I get it. Let’s just say Foldgers (and really anything at the supermarket) isn’t going to cut it. THANKFULLY I stumbled across this incredible resource.

Sprudge is featuring a live #StillRoasting coffee map, showing you the coffee roasters all over the country and the world, that are still open and operating during the COVID-10 pandemic, and can ship coffee straight to your home. Check out your area and see if there’s a local roaster you can support, or go international and take a mini-vacation (in your cup, at least).

Looking for more cooking projects?! I got ya covered….

Social media is overflowing lately with the trials and triumphs of cooking projects taking place all over the world as families look to fight boredom and foodies try and feed themselves in style. (I for one, am not one for boxed frozen dinners and frozen pizza, even in the midst of an epidemic). You’ve got the time, why not have some fun in the kitchen?! Below, I’ve compiled some fun recipes and links to inspire you.

Food52’s blog has a great in-depth write up on the Basics of Making Bread.

Or take a stab at Bon Appetit’s recipe for easy Pork Soup Dumplings.

See if you can master the Basics of Making Risotto.

Sweeten things up by trying out any of these 30 Weekend Baking Projects from Taste of Home. (I think I might start with macarons).

Some Food for Thought…

We are constantly inundated with news and updates on COVID-19, and the havoc it is wreaking on the economy. We are certain to feel the effects of this pandemic for months, if not years to come, and not just necessarily in our bank accounts.

This global pandemic is having a massive effect on the food industry, from top to bottom. Last month Food & Wine published an in-depth piece looking at COVID-19’s affects on the food industry as a whole… from farmer workers, to distributors, to factory workers, delivery drivers, inspectors, waiters, bartenders and more. Our food makes a loonnnnnggg journey from farm to table, and this epidemic is causing strain on all parts of the system.

And just this morning, Bon Appétit published an article looking at ‘Closures, Takeout, and Relief Efforts: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Handling Coronavirus.’ I highly recommend browsing both articles to learn more about what’s going on and how you can help.

So many people have stepped up during this time to help out in so many ways…and there are little things we can all do.

Check out this list from Well + Good of local food banks that are accepting donations during the pandemic. These proceeds go to help feed those in need and unhoused populations who depend on communal resources.

You could also do something to help the environment well beyond COVID-19. Right now Food52 is featuring an ‘Adopt a Beehive’ gift box. The box comes with two jars of seasonal honey as well as an adoption certificate. According to Food52, the purchases will support ”small-scale family farmers in Puglia who are using sustainable and organic methods.” In case you’re wondering why this is something you should care about, read this article about the declining honey bee population and why that could be DISASTROUS for life on earth….you can also read more from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Stay healthy, stay home and stay tuned…

I’m working to bring a lot more healthy recipes and inspiring content to ETL this month to help you embrace the season, live in the moment, and make the most of your time at home. Some upcoming highlights include…

  • An at-home facial you can make using items in your kitchen. Nourish your body and your skin!
  • A beginner’s guide to growing herbs and veggies at home! Come along as I take on my next sustainability project, and answer all your questions about house plants and at home gardening.
  • My favorite sustainably made beauty products and cosmetics.
  • Spring recipes including Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake, Spring Veggie Pesto Pasta, Homemade Peach Pie (including crust from scratch), Stuffed Pepper Soup, DIY jam and more…

Subscribe to my page, and make sure to follow ETL on instagram, to keep up with the latest content. Wishing everyone a wonderful week and a wonderful month full of love, light and balance.

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