There are few things that bring me more joy in my apartment then having fresh cut flowers on display everywhere I can. It instantly brightens the room, freshens the air and lifts the spirits. Plus, getting to pick and choose different colors and combos to mix together every few weeks is a fun creative effort.

There are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when shopping for flowers, and preparing them so that they can live and bloom to their fullest potential.

Below, is my easy guide to fresh-cut flower bouquets, as well as extra tips and tricks you can try for maximum results. And don’t forget to shop some of my favorite vases and accessories at the bottom of the post!

1. Choose the right mix of flowers.

It all starts with the flowers you pick. You want to get the freshest flowers possible without breaking the bank. If you don’t have a wholesale flower shop you like to visit, I’d say start at your local grocery store. Honestly, I get most of our flowers at our neighborhood Safeway and I’m totally satisfied!

I would say to go with no more than two colors and a neutral when picking out your flowers, otherwise, it will be an overload of clashing colors. For me, I like greenery and white flowers, and then I usually add a color to that, like yellow, orange, pink or blue. Two or more shades in the same color family definitely works so don’t be afraid of that. Deep pink and blush roses, for example, would look great in a bouquet along with white hyacinth or snapdragon.

Another thing to keep in mind, it’s good to make sure to pick flowers that do well in the same conditions. The packages you buy should have the name on the label, and a quick google check will tell you if the buds like lots of direct sunlight, or do better with mostly shade.

Here’s what I chose for my blooms this time around:

I love a good hydrangea any day of the week, and they come in the most gorgeous colors. I chose green for a pop this time. These flowers are also great because they do pretty well in constant indirect sunlight, and can work well with other flowers you’re adding to the mix.

I chose two different shades of pink carnations for this week’s bouquets. They bloom really well without too much work and I love the way the blush and the coral-ish pink color look together.

Lastly, I went with white daisies. I love their bright color and I figured they were the perfect neutral for my springy bunch. Daisies are also another flower than do really well with minimal effort.

2. Prep your vases

Make sure you start with clean vases! Fill them up about 2/3 with water. Then add a packet, or a tablespoon of organic plant/flower food to your mix. My flowers from the store usually come with their own, but you can also get some on Amazon (I have a link below!) I like to use vases of different shapes and heights throughout my apartment so that my bouquets will have different shapes and heights as well, adding some more variety and dimension to the arrangements.

3. Trim excess leaves off your stems

Before you trim your stems and start stuffing your vases, make sure you remove the excess leaves on your flowers, up to right below the base of the petals. The leaves will soak up water and nutrients and keep them from getting to your flowers at the top, plus they can get soggy and start to decompose in the vase, which is not pleasant to deal with.

4. Snip your stems to different lengths to fit your vases and create fullness

Trim each and every stem before you add to vases. Snipping them stems helps them absorb water and nutrients more easily, so your flowers will bloom faster and longer.

5. Get creative with your assembly

As your trimming, measure your stems up to your vases and cut accordingly. You don’t want your flowers to sink below the rim of your vase, but if your stems are too much taller than your vase, they will flop over and struggle to be supported. Trimming your stems close to the height of your vase will make your arrangements look fuller. Plus, you can pick a few stems here and there to leave a little longer and create some dimension in your bouquets.

Get creative as you arrange – there’s no wrong answer here! You can color block, or add a little of everything to each vase, like I usually do. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to move things around and change it up as you go.

And there you have it! Gorgeous flower arrangements that will make any space in your home feel special. Building your own bouquets, too? Have any flower combos you love?! Let me know in the comments!

Keep scrolling for extra tips to make your fresh-cut flowers last as long as possible!


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