I’ve been a little quieter than usual in the past week or so when it comes to posting here, sending newsletters and on social media. Part of that is due to the fact that I’ve been swamped with family obligations, wedding planning and preparing for our road trip. But I also needed to take a beat, take in everything that’s been happening around us, and take some time to see where I could lean in and learn even more about being the best ally I can be.

Let me tell you, it’s been challenging and uncomfortable reflection at times. As it should be. The work it takes to create a better country for the people who have been continually shut out and shut down is absolutely supposed to be hard, time consuming and exhaustive work. We’re reforming a system we’ve been centuries reinforcing! And some people simply won’t do it for those reasons alone. So the rest of us have to continue to be better, and accept what it takes to do that. I’m committed.

In my own life, I will continue to expand the media voices and perspectives that I consume and engage with. I will do the work to learn more about my local officials, hold them accountable, and VOTE even more often. I will show up and vocalize my support every time it’s needed.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about my goals for Eat.Think.Live. and my work going forward in general. My passion is writing about healthy food, wholistic wellness and sustainability. I want to dive deeper into what those things look like in real life and how we can truly make access to them easier for everyone.

I saw an incredibly eye-opening post on instagram by @jhanneu (and awesome content creator who advocates for sustainable living) highlighting how you can’t talk about sustainable living without talking about race. Those two things are inextricably bound by social and institutional factors that keep many communities of color from gaining the same wealth, education and resources as other communities. Not mention the fact that environmental racism means more black Americans are likely to suffer or die from the affects of pollution. It’s a heartbreaking reality, and it should be a call to action.

As I’m checking back in here, I’m doing so from the road.

Avu and I have already made our way to Northern California, at the beginning of our 7 week journey around the country. I’m striving to keep my eyes open and see what new perspectives, ideas and questions are put before me.

So I’ll probably continue to keep a slower pace of posting to the site over the next few weeks as I take in and engage with the world around me on this adventure. But I promise to keep showing up and checking in, sharing updates on social medial… and to continue to highlight thought-provoking and inspiring content from other creators and organizations that are helping me in my journey to be a better person and a better advocate.


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