It’s a new year, and a brand new chapter for me. I’m getting married this year, I just moved to Seattle, Washington from New York City (like, literally I got here a week ago) and I’m hoping to embark on a totally different career. So with all these new beginnings…it felt like the perfect time to go full steam ahead on one of my longest standing goals… ETL. I’ve been wanting to write more – and more of what matters to me – for years, but I’ve let every possible obstacle become and excuse to put it off. Not that I didn’t have a lot going on in my life – a stressful job with mostly nocturnal hours, the endless stream of maintenance issues that comes with living in New York, a social life and growing relationship that came with its own fair share of trials, as well as going through and recovering from severe health issues (more on that to come.) But regardless, one thing after the next was an excuse to put off my writing. And that had to end.

So I agreed to move out west with the love of my life and remove those obstacles. I quit my job and its terrible hours, I laid out a plan to develop a more creative environment and healthy routine for myself, and I made sure that my fiancé (who is amazing, btw) understood what my goals were and the support that I was going to need to work towards them.

Now it comes down to the writing. There’s nothing else in the way between me and my commitment to this passion. Trust me, I’m still very insecure and a part of me thinks, what if I don’t have interesting or meaningful things to contribute (and even if I did, who’s going to care to read it anyways?) but I’m choosing each day to acknowledge that fear and create in spite of it.

My hope is that Seattle, in all its green and rainy glory, will be a spring board for new inspiration, motivation and creation (no pressure though, right?). This city and the area are proud to promote values and lifestyles that I want to embody — local, well rounded nutrition; a focus on sustainability and our relationship with the planet; a relaxed sense of community (live and let live) that invites one to not only engage, but learn every day.

For now, it’s the middle of January…so I’m spending much of my time watching snow drift peacefully from the sky from the comfort of my warm couch. I promise I plan to venture out very soon, and I will be posting about what I see, do and hopefully learn along the way.


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