It’s a new year of course, and even more of a new beginning for me here in Seattle obviously. So it’s the perfect time to focus on and reevaluate my health goals for the year and beyond. I’m really good at making these kinds of lists…but sometimes not as good at actually following through on completing the things on said list. So this year, I’m going to publish these goals, and put them out there for everyone to see, which I’m hoping will help hold me more accountable. (After all, I’m a type-A people pleaser who sometimes finds it impossible to consciously let down anyone but myself (is anyone else like that?).

Anyways, my goals this year aren’t focused on attaining a goal weight, or reaching a certain number of miles. I just want to create better habits for myself, my family the planet, improved ways of living that we can carry with us for years to come, no matter where we go.

Use more natural and homemade ingredients.

I already love to cook and do it at home a lot…but like most people, I depend on the grocery store for a lot of every day things that most of us don’t think about — sauces, condiments, oils & vinegars, jams, breads, pasta…the list goes on, and so does the packaging. Not to mention, buying those ingredients at the grocery store inevitably means that I can’t be sure exactly what is in them and by what processes they are made, or how sustainable those processes are. So I want to go old school and make my great-grandmothers proud. So many of those every day products we rely on to enhance anything we’re making are things that can be made themselves, and usually pretty easily. And it will be interesting to me to observe how this changes the Sunday meal prep routine, as well as our grocery costs.

Shop local.

I’m obviously not starting a farm, so for all those grocery products that need to buy, I want to shop as locally as possible. Seattle is, like, farmer’s market central…so I’m hoping to learn so much more about what these markets have to offer, and what we can learn from them.

Improve my dogs’ diet?

This one might be tougher… but I’d love to include our two pups on our journey to more natural eating. I know there are ways to prepare homemade and organic meals for dogs, but it can be a very tricky process because of the specific nutrients dogs need in their diet, as well as the differences in their digestive system from humans. So maybe it won’t even be worth it, in the end, and there is a store-bought solution to providing them with whole, organic nutrition. But it’s definitely something I want to learn more about. Stay tuned…

Stay committed to my skincare routine.

In the craziness of life in NYC, it was hard sometimes to stay on top of my skin. Sometimes I’d just be so tired I’d pass out without taking a lick of makeup off. Or my weekends would get so packed that I made no time to take care of my skin. Sunscreen was often thrown to the wayside. Makeup brushes went too long without being cleaned. I am embarrassed to admit that my flossing could be more consistent as well. But let’s be honest, I’m not getting any younger here. So being kind and committed to my skin (and teeth) is increasingly more important. But more than that, it also just feels good when I take this time for myself. It’s a calming process…and it’s also fun to learn about and try out new and natural products (and even ones that can be made at home). But it can be tricky too… to find what that fit your specific needs, and which products use sustainable ingredients and processes. As I work to perfect my own routine and figure out what works for me, I plan to share all the insight I learn along the way.

Get back on the trail.

I mean this figuratively and literally. I pretty much stopped working out for most of the last two years. Prior to that, I was doing yoga probably 6 days a week and training for a marathon (with a half already under my belt). But all of that fell to the wayside when my health problems flared up… and there have been a multitude of reasons, both physically and mentally, that I’ve let stop me from getting back out there. No more. There’s so much beautiful scenery, and also tons of peer pressure around me (seriously, like EVERYONE jogs here…I thought Boston was bad…) so it’s time to face this mountain and climb it (pun intended!)

Try out acro-yoga.

I’ve recently become obsessed with acro-yoga. I started following several accounts of prominent practicers, and I’m just mesmerized by the movements and what they can do for the body. I have a background in cheer and gymnastics, so balance is already one of my strong suits. We’ll see if that helps at all… haha

Explore essential oils, and the healing powers of herbs.

I’m not trying to sound too cooky here. I fully believe in modern medicine, and when I get a fever, you best believe I’m going to the doctor. But it’s also true that humans have been healing themselves for millions of years outside of modern medicine. Our planet is literally the best medicine cabinet we have, and learning to harness some more of its powers can potentially have life-changing health affects, and also help give back to the planet. Not to mention, it can be easier to control side affects, and costs, when you can learn to treat headaches, stomach aches, even some chronic pain, with natural remedies. When I used to get sick to my stomach all the time, I learned about the magic of ginger oil and the things it could do for my digestive system just from smelling it. I know there’s a whole world of things to learn, and I have a few resources to get me started. I’m excited to share it all.

For whoever is reading this, I hope you’ll follow along as I challenge myself and grow this year. And I wish everyone so much good luck with their own personal goals for 2020, health related or otherwise. And let me know what resolutions you’re working towards! I’d love to hear from ya’ll. Let’s do this!


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